Gangs out, teams in

Story by Kathryn Mudge

Photos courtesy of South Yorkshire Sport

More than sixty young men from Burngreave got involved with positive activities on Saturday 11th November as part of the Active Burngreave ‘Bring Your Game’ event.

The event aimed to celebrate our young people getting involved in sport and becoming local mentors and volunteers. Safiya Saeed organized the event with a team of young volunteers and support from Sheffield Futures, United in Sports, Firth Park ABC, Ellesmere Youth Project and Sheffield Dragons Muay Thai Boxing Club.

‘Bring Your Game’ gave young people the opportunity to get involved in activities including Basketball, Boxing, Football and Table Tennis. The event also showcased local musical talent including DJs, rappers and MCs.

Young people came together from different backgrounds and groups, with an aim to build relationships and reduce animosity between sections in our community. Many young people did not know each other, and activities provided helped them build a bond and trust one another. Staff and volunteers encouraged positive messages, “pick up a ball not a knife”.

Deputy Lord Mayor Magid Magid said:

“It is fantastic to see many young men involved today, particularly the dedicated volunteers who have acted as mentors to peers.

Young People are often stereotyped in our communities and it is important we stay united to show that it is a small minority who cause issues. “Young people here today can achieve anything they wish to, and it is brilliant to see them achieving great things today.”

Even Burngreave Neighbourhood Policing team joined in the football tournament to build some bridges with the young people.

The community pulled together to show the power of sport in uniting and engaging people regardless of background. It was a pleasure to see young volunteers deliver a successful event.

For more information about Active Burngreave, or to get involved, contact Safiya Saeed via or call 07702 557 007.


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