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Story by Rae Panache

Carers week is the UK’s annual campaign to raise awareness, celebrate and recognise the vital contribution made by the UK’s 6.5 million carers.

On the 14th June the SACMHA Carers support group members held a ‘Health and Wellness Day’ at the Burngreave Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall. The activities on the day included a podiatry service, chair aerobics, BMI checks, health age assessments, an information stall and a selection of delicious Caribbean food cooked by our resident chef Winston Brown.

Attendees were delighted with the day and remarked that;

“The day was informative.”

“It was a welcome break from caring duties.”

“The food was tasty and great value for money.”

“I need to follow the recommendations given during my health age assessment.”

Val Grossett is a Volunteer Carers Co-ordinator at SACMHA and a Health Educator within the community. I met up with Val and she shared some great natural health advice to better well-being, using the NEWSTART™ acronym, which stands for N=Nutrition E=Exercise W=Water S=Sunlight T=Temperance A=Air R=Rest T=Trust in God.

I asked Val to elaborate on four parts of the acronym:


Is very important for optimum wellbeing. Hippocrates said; “Let food be your medicine”. Eat plenty of whole foods including fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains but limit high fat, processed, salty and sugary foods.


Increases oxygen to all areas of the body. It can relieve stress, helps with weight loss, increases lung capacity and gives a general sense of well-being. I recommend at least 30 minutes every day.


I feel it’s important to know that if you are black and live in the northern hemisphere, or cover your skin most of the time or spend a lot of time indoors then you may be at risk to vitamin D deficiency. Symptoms can include: general tiredness, joint pains, headaches, depression, and many others. See your G.P for a blood test and expose yourself to the morning sun for at least 15-20 minutes daily.


Millions of people are dying from dehydration in the UK whilst surrounded by an abundance of water. The body contains over 70% water and eliminates 10-12 cups daily. Drink at least 6-8 glasses a day, and if you struggle with plain water try adding a slice of lemon.

SACMHA’s Carers Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month 11am – 12pm. For further information about SACMHA’s Carers Support Group please call Val Grossett 0114 2808243 or email v.grossett@sacmha.org.uk


Groups for good wellbeing

SAGE women’s singing group
Welcome Centre,
Nottingham Street

Walking group
Meet at Pitsmoor surgery at 1.30pm

SACHMA Caribbean lunch club
84 Andover Street
Carers’ group
84 Andover Street

Ma’at Probe recovery jam
84 Andover Street
Feeling Good on Verdon Street
Wednesday 9.30am-12noon


Writing group
Burngreave library

Knit and Natter
St. Peter’s, Lyons Close
(Contact Val Ellis on 0114 276 2644
to join)


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