Where’s my dinner?

Story by Julia Woollen

It has been heartbreaking this year for many allotment holders up at Windmill Lane Allotments. Anyone who works an allotment knows that growing your own food is hard but rewarding work. Which makes it all the worse, when you have spent months growing something, for people to break in and steal it all.

Recently we have had more than 17 break-ins on the site. I’ve heard some people are planning on giving up their allotments because of the break-ins. The food itself is mainly being taken, and it is concerning that people may be so desperate for food, to sell or to eat, that they are prepared to come down and steal from those who have worked so hard to grow the food to feed themselves.

Some children were caught, and given a warning by the site manager. He has started a petition to try and get more security extra fencing.

We should not have to ask people not to steal our food. If anyone was desperate, they could come and join Hope Community Allotment on site and share in the work and the produce.

The alternative is to get in touch with the council and hire an allotment plot; they give reductions to those on benefits. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/ tcvallotment (for Hope Community Allotment) or contact pwc.allotments@sheffield.gov.uk or 0114 273 4528 to enquire about your own allotment.

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