Firshill TARA at Christmas

People at the TARA meeting
People at the TARA meeting

People at the TARA meeting

Man and children at the TARA meetingStory by Jackie Higgins

Firshill Tenants and Residents Association (TARA) held their Annual General Meeting and Christmas party on 20th December at the Sheffield United Football Club training centre. A great night was had by all with approximately 45 attendees including residents from Jasmine Court residential home.

An invitation was extended to all within Firshill area with the aim of supporting and encouraging engagement within the local community. The TARA committee are unpaid volunteers and generously give their time to try a make a difference to the area.

As part of the event planning the TARA successfully applied for funding from Sheffield City Council. The event would not have been possible without its supporters. Firshill TARA would like to thank SUFC Academy for providing the venue, refreshments, and pie and peas; Tesco for providing selections boxes and biscuits; the Local Area Housing Neighbourhood Team and a special thank you to Santa’s little helper, Councillor Mark Jones.

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