Scout group shopping challenge

Story by Aleem Qadir

At the end of November the Don District Scout groups took part in a Challenge. It was organised by the District Leaders and was based in Chapeltown.

39th Sheffield entered four teams and there were eighteen teams taking part altogether. Every team was given a list of items, and we had to go down to the shops in Chapeltown and buy the items for the lowest price.

We had a budget of £10 and only two hours to buy everything. We went to charity shops, bakeries, pharmacies, pet shops and supermarkets. Some of the items were specific and hard to find like a spaceship.

Of course, the challenge was whether we should buy something when we found it or keep looking.

It was a real team effort, making decisions constantly and trying to use some sort of system to get the best results. It was a brilliant morning even though it was very cold. One of our teams came second place.

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