Adnan Hussain versus Ben Nevis

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Adnan Hussain

Story by Adnan Hussain

Adnan HussainAdnan Hussain from Sheffield has been fundraising for the poor for many years. He is a student at Sheffield Hallam University taking his last semester in Events and International Leisure Management. He also volunteers for different charity organisations, such as Interpal and Be-Kind.

Adnan is currently targeting to raise a minimum of £500, and needs the people of Sheffield to donate as he cannot do this alone. In December, 2017, Adnan raised money for the innocent Rohingya people by summiting Mount Snowdon. He raised over £700, for food, clothing and shelter.

This time Adnan is set to aid Nepal by climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. The whole trek is ten miles long, and includes a climb of 4,400 feet.

Adnan is working with the charity Phase. It works with people in Nepal, providing aid to the communities for their future with better education and giving people the confidence to achieve self-empowerment. Phase works in extremely isolated Himalayan mountain villages, regions with very limited resources, a harsh climate and mountain terrain. It is a real challenge to deliver basic services here, especially following the devastating earthquakes that shook the country in April and May 2015. Phase also help with the improvement of education, health and poverty in Nepal and have been doing this by community based projects.

For further information, please contact Adnan on 07841 741 232 or donate on the JustGiving page:

Or email him personally to donate:

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