Christina Ramsey

Christine Ramsay
Christine Ramsay

Photo by Fran Belbin

Christine Ramsay
Christine Ramsay

I became a volunteer at Burngreave Library because it is a well needed and valued community resource.

This has given me the opportunity to contribute some time and energy to the community where I live and love. I love meeting and talking to people.

One of my favourite activities there is being a member of the Writers Group. This gives me the opportunity to share writing experiences with other people. One of my specialities is reading stories to children.

Freedom is not Freedom
Freedom is not FREEDOM
When it is “given” to you
When they give it to you
Without any fight.

FREEDOM you fight for
Not given to you
On a golden plate.
FREEDOM you have
To fight for it
You don’t get it free.
FREEDOM to survive
FREEDOM to be alive

FREEDOM to eat
FREEDOM to breathe
FREEDOM to be free
You don’t get it free
They don’t give it to you for free
FREEDOM you have to get
FREEDOM you have to grab
FREEDOM, be prepared to die for it
Freedom is not FREEDOM
If you don’t fight for it.

Inspired by Jefrey Chisiyacho-Mukonto III