Dear Messenger: Astrea enriches

Dear Messenger...

As the new Principal of Astrea Academy Sheffield, I have been bowled over by the positive conversations I have had with parents and the local community. We have an incredible 127 applications for places so far which only cements for me that this community has real faith in the education that the new school promises.

I have an unwavering passion and steadfast commitment to ensuring that the very best opportunities for learning are open to every child in the Burngreave area.

My drive to ensure the highest standards of teaching, wellbeing and personal development of children that attend Astrea Academy Sheffield will be upheld every day.

Our rich curriculum and extensive enrichment programmes will allow children to flourish, enjoy and achieve.

Astrea Academy Sheffield and Astrea Academy Trust, celebrate the differences that make us unique whilst actively seeking the common ground that binds us together as a strong community. We want to work together in a productive environment where dynamic ideas are shared, so that every member of the community may thrive. My leadership experience has taught me that inclusivity leads to outstanding education and exceptional life chances.

All new parents and pupils of Astrea Academy Sheffield will be meeting me over the next couple of weeks. We want to establish these key relationships even before the school gates open. These first stages of communication are vital in ensuring parents and pupils are listened to, and that they hear about the expectations and standards that will be in place from day one in September. We will also share important information about the school day and uniform.

With six months to go now till Astrea Academy Sheffield opens, we are delighted with the interest and support from the Burngreave community, and we look forward to building an exciting future together.

Kim Walton