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People at voluntary groups event
People at voluntary groups event

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Voluntary Action Sheffield

People at voluntary groups event
People at voluntary groups event

On 20th February the Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) Development Team, the Sheffield City Council Local Housing and Community Services teams and South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) organised an event where people from various community groups in Burngreave could get together and find out about a range of support available for their organisations.

About thirty local people attended from organisations as varied as some local tenants’ and residents’ associations, environmental organisations and health support groups.

Some represented long established organisations, while others were from much newer groups.

The meeting was opened by Dean Fearon from the council who said that Burngreave contained 4,000 council properties but stressed that the council housing service has a wide commitment to the welfare, health, independence and job opportunities of tenants.

VAS is a long established champion of volunteering in Sheffield and gave sound advice on the setting up and running of local organisations.

But probably the one thing that united all the groups present was the need for funding and some excellent means of achieving this were highlighted.

If you would like to consider the best way to go about getting funding for your group, do get in touch with SYFAB on 0114 261 5141 or SYFAB runs a range of funding support events throughout the year.

Pam Grant outlined the current ward priorities for those thinking of applying for financial support for projects.

Briefly, these are: community support and wellbeing; environment and the public realm; cohesion and safety; and children, young people and families.

The event was a great way to meet people from across Burngreave with a range of commitments to improve our lives. But if you missed it, don’t worry – all of the abovementioned organisations will be pleased to hear from you and offer you relevant advice for your volunteering