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Much Ado gave children more than something to do

Story by Laura Farah | Photo by Erica Patterson

Children at the Shakespeare Showtime drama initiative.
Children at the Shakespeare Showtime drama initiative.

Shakespeare Showtime is a drama initiative aimed at encouraging children aged 8-16 years to explore the works of William Shakespeare whilst building confidence and communication skills.

This year’s workshop looked at building performance skills using the play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ along with other Shakespearean writings. There was some focus on reinterpreting his work into modern day language which took the form of an activity called “Shakespeare backwards”.

The group also looked at Shakespearean phrases that are used in everyday life. Team building and helping others were other skills that were reinforced throughout the three-day workshop.

Belinda (aged 14) said: “I most enjoyed helping the younger group members and learning more about Shakespeare’s work”.

Group members talked about what they enjoyed most.

“I have become a better speaker and a more confident reader”, Habib said.

You can express an interest in future workshops for your children by contacting Burngreave Library on 0114 203 9002.

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