SADACCA Ambassadors event

Burngreave Messenger Issue 133 March 2018

Story by Rob Smith

SADACCA recently played host to the Black-led theatre and short film company, Eclipse.

Clinton McCoy introduced the Eclipse representative Jyothi Giles who informed us of the production company’s further intentions to promote black writers’ and actors’ music and theatre productions. ‘Black Men Walking’ is not the only Sheffield based production the company have made.

Those present were treated to the viewing of two short movies presenting black actors in leading roles. ‘The Suitcase’ depicts a guy with a large trunk that he drags around the city, opening it on a hill overlooking the train station and revealing its quite grisly content. I watched the grimaces on the faces viewing around me melt, as the film played itself out. The second short film ‘Black Magic’ is based around the subject of youth gang bullying and its conclusion caused everyone viewing to laugh. Both films can be seen on the DigitalMedia+ website.

Viewers were impressed by what they saw: “I was was a bit dismayed by the first film but thought the second was very inspiring” said Yvonne Wray

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