Scouting on ice

Children on a sleepover at Ice Sheffield
Children on a sleepover at Ice Sheffield

Story by Haseebah, Raheem, Ibrahim and Muneeb | Photo by Yasmin Hussain

During the half term break, our scout group, the 39th Sheffield Shirecliffe, went on a sleepover at Ice Sheffield. We were all looking forward to participating in various activities until midnight, then skating by ourselves.

Children on a sleepover at Ice Sheffield
Children on a sleepover at Ice Sheffield

ouFrom 7pm to 9pm we took part in four different activities including the scary Altitude High Ropes in the dark. It had two sections, but a few of us stopped after the first, as it was difficult to see the ropes with just a headlight torch, I did not feel confident in doing the climb at night.

Then we made origami ninja stars, making woggles and a pencil cover out of loom band, and entered the snowman bun decorating competition. We had a lot of fun doing these activities.

For supper we had pizza and chips and had popcorn whilst watching Frozen. By midnight we were all excited to get on the ice. We had so much fun skating, a few of us were having a go for the first time and so we all helped each other. The penguins made it easy to go around.

At 2am the leaders made us get off the ice. We were not tired or cold. It was an amazing experience. Rumaysa age 6 commented:

“I enjoyed all the activities, especially ice skating. I was so good at it, I wasn’t scared of falling or need a penguin to help. I liked the hot chocolate and biscuit before going to sleep.”

In the morning it was back to the Altitude High ropes.

Aimen Ali age 9 said:

“I really enjoyed going on the Altitude High ropes, I got all the way round to the top, and it was good jumping off at the end. I had so much fun.”

Hafsa, age 6, said that she loved the sleepover, and when she has grown a little, she would try the Altitude again.

We all had a fun time and thank all those who organised the event. We are looking forward to the next one