The collectors: picture postcards

Some of Andrew Hodgson's postcards
Some of Andrew Hodgson's postcards

Interview by Alex Hodgson | Photos by Jamie Marriott

What is your name and when did you start to collect your postcards?

 Andrew Hodgson
Andrew Hodgson

My name is Andrew James Hodgson and I started to collect and keep picture postcards when I was at secondary school in Sheffield. My friends and I always sent each other postcards if we went away on holidays. Then I started to collect postcards from art galleries and museums when I went to art college.

Why did you start to collect them?

I always thought that postcards from my friends might be good memories in future (and they have been!) and the art postcards would help me remember some of the best things I’d seen, but I’d have probably bought slides if I could have afforded them!

What do you think your family think about you collecting and your collection?

In recent years my collection has grown so large that it’s started to take up a lot of shelf and tablespace in our attic. My wife is very tolerant (she’ll be reading

Some of Andrew Hodgson's postcards
Some of Andrew Hodgson’s postcards

this!) until I don’t put them away or leave them lying around after looking at them!

How do you feel about other people collecting things?

Very good! I think most of us are natural collectors and if your collecting doesn’t hurt anyone then what harm could there be in it?

What do you do with the postcards you collect?

In recent years I’ve started to stick some of them together to make (small) pocket triptychs and (larger) mantelpiece triptychs; the former I carry round with me and the latter I stand up on shelves at home. I thought it was better than just keeping them filed away in boxes.

What do you hope to do with your collection in future?

Well, I’d be lying if I said I’d stop postcard collecting, but I suppose the best thing would be if I could send some to my friends as little gifts or maybe even give them away to people that like them?

Which are your favourite  postcards?

Too many really! I’m very fond of some old ones which I inherited from an uncle though… better stop there!

Are there any postcards you would still like for your collection?

Yes, lots of course! Particularly paintings and sculptures, but also architecture, bridges, gardens, flowers and political stuff.

What is the most you have ever paid for a postcard and how did it make you feel (if anything)?

I once paid £3.50 for one on Amazon and still feel guilty about it!

Have you ever sold any of your postcards or given them away?

No, I’ve never sold any of them but yes, I’ve been able to give quite a few of my triptychs away; the secret is to choose a subject you know a person really likes and can’t say no to. I really think people should carry round

Some more postcards from Andrew's collection
Some more postcards from Andrew’s collection

more pictures of things and people that make them happy!

Do you collect anything?
Whether it’s snow globes, stamps, seaside souvenirs or shoehorns, we’d love to hear about it.  Email and let us know.

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