Letter from Mark Wildman

Dear Messenger...

Hello to Burngreave

A year ago I was living and working on the Isle of Iona, a little peaceful jewel in the Atlantic, far from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. It was there that I encountered the works of Dr John Vincent and learned of his long and continuing ministry in Burngreave and the Ashram Community that he founded, centred today at 86 Spital Hill. In December I paid a visit and I am still here. My flat overlooks the Ellesmere Green area and I love to throw open my curtains in the morning to the throng of life below. I am acting as a kind of caretaker to this community space with its multifaith chapel and library in its basement.

I have recently started a job with the Real Junk Food Project in Sheffield. In addition to two pay as you feel cafés, the project runs the Sharehouse Market here in Burngreave at the Tesco end of Carlisle Street. It operates on a pay asy ou feel basis and sells a huge variety of food rejected by conventional retailers. Open 12 – 2pm Monday to Saturday.

It is very rewarding to arrive in such a vibrant, culturally rich area and be able to be involved in projects that are rooted in the community. Do come and say hello.

Mark Wildman