Pedal Ready womens group

Woman on cycle facing away from camera

Story by Dave Brennan | Photo by Richard Belbin

Pedal Ready have been delivering cycle training in Burngreave for well over a decade. This includes a women only cycling session for nearly ten years. Many women have come along to learn to ride, and enjoy the benefits and fun that comes from being able to ride with their families.

Speaking to the Messenger one of their latest trainees, Nas, told us:

“It’s my first time on a bike in thirty years. When I was younger I really enjoyed cycling, it was such an enjoyable experience. I went out with my friend, but when I got married, I didn’t have the time. Now my kids are older I was looking for something exciting to do, and within a couple of hours I was right back into it. Dave is a great teacher.” Woman on cycle facing away from camera

If you want to join in, sessions continue in Abbeyfield Park on Friday mornings from 9am until 10.30. It is friendly and free. For further details call 0114 241 2775 or visit

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