Same old problem – litter

Story by Deborah Blencowe and Sam | Photo by Deborah Blencowe

The issues of litter, fly tipping and abandoned rubbish generally has been brought up once again. I was approached by a local resident who said that on her street there are often sofa’s, prams, electrical goods, supermarket trolleys, needles, used drug capsules and all sorts of waste just thrown anywhere.

I visited the area in question and amongst all the rubbish was a fridge freezer just dumped on the footpath. Discarded take away cartons on pavements and roads are encouraging vermin infestation.

litter on ground

The never-ending problem of dog waste was mentioned. Nighttime activity with people hanging around the streets with nothing better to do than make noise just creates more disturbance and irritation.

Cars speeding all day up and down the street and well into to the night again creating disturbance. There are abandoned cars on the street that in turn makes it difficult for the residents to park their own vehicles. The resident also said that she feels uncomfortable sat in her own house listening to all the noise outside.

As a distributor of the Burngreave Messenger, I obviously I see a lot of the area and the problem is certainly widespread and I’m disgusted that people can live like this and not care. I’ve been a resident of Burngreave for over 26 years and the situation is just getting worse.

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