Vandalism in Verdon Street green space

Story by Mohammed Almaqramy | Photo by Richard Belbin

I have being living on Verdon Street for nearly 15 years. I have just starting to witness the green area adjacent to my house being tampered with by kids and filled with smashed glass which is really very dangerous.

Adjacent to my block there is a green area with two containers. It used to be a lovely place where most of the local area would come and sit around with their kids and have a chat together.

Now it’s getting worse. Logs burning, smashed glass, noisy kids and adults using a metal bar to hit the containers, that echo to the nearby residents. This happens most of the day.

Why are the containers there? It’s horrible. Bring back the playground or at least clean the area. It needn’t cost a lot to maintain it. Go now and you’ll witness a large amount of shattered glass, which is dangerous for young kids playing around.

Bring back the days when there was a little play area around this small field. Take away the containers. It’s horrible. It leads to drug crime around that area as it blocks the view. Have some cameras to protect the young ones and decrease crime around it.

This area used to be the hub for the locals to gather. It’s now becoming the hub for vandalism and drugs.

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