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Scouts go karting

Story by 39th Scout Group

On Tuesday 3rd April we, the 39th Sheffield scout group, went to Avago Karting Ltd in Rotherham for our end of term treat.

When we arrived, we had to register. We could hear tyres squealing and we were all excited to get inside and have a go.  We were put into 7 groups depending on age and size.

There were different sized engines and go karts depending on the size and age of the children who were driving.

When it was our turn to have a go we had to wear special gloves, helmet, neck brace, body outfit and hair nets under our helmet.

For many of us it was a first-time experience and some of us were nervous, but we were all very excited.

Ayaan said, “It was really, really, good, the go karts kept getting faster and faster. It was amazing, and I would love to go again”.

Although we all enjoyed it there was a long wait for the younger children and some were getting irritated.

One of the Beavers said, “ I loved it a lot but I had to wait a long time before I could go on and have a go.

When a group finished they were told to remember their Kart number as there were results of how many laps each person had done.

Also, the fastest lap of all the racers was recorded. This was good because it created a bit of competition between us.

I’m sure the leaders would have liked to have had a go but there wasn’t enough time for them to do so!

We will be asking our GSL (group scout leader ), if we can go back there again because we all enjoyed it so much.

A group prepared for go-karting with helmets even if they were a little nervous. See the Messenger website for full details of these adventures.

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