Abbeyfield Bowlers join the ‘ton up’ club

Story by Ray Black | Photo by Richard Belbin

Founded during the Great War, Abbeyfield Bowling Club celebrates its 100th birthday on 13th July. Since its inception the club has participated in a range of competitions across Sheffield, last winning The Jarratt Cup in 2011. The club pride themselves on playing the game just for the love of it.

Bowls is the simplest of all ball games. Bowls can get you off the sofa, meeting new people and visiting different parts of the city. It’s a sport that you can play from youth to old age. If you can roll a ball, you can play bowls. After that, it’s all hand and eye. Roll the ball in the right direction and at the right speed every time and you’ll win every game. Like everything else, though, practice makes perfect. Abbeyfield B.C. has teams in three competitions organised by the Sheffield and District Parks Bowling Association. The two ‘Vets’ teams (players are 60 or over) play on Wednesdays and Fridays.

They would welcome new players. The Saturday team is open to all ages from 18 upwards and several new players would open up the possibility of entering two teams next year.

So if you’ve ever stopped to watch the ‘mighty’ Abbeyfield Bowling Club and thought, “I could do better”… you may well be right, so why not introduce yourself to one of the bowls team?



Twitter: @abbeyfieldbowls


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