All aboard The Lucky Gordon

The Lucky Gordon pirate ship

Story and poem by Asea Abdulla | Photos by Rob Smith and Fran Belbin

On the 19th of May me and people from the Pitsmoor community had a pirate party to celebrate the launch of the Adventure Playground’s new pirate ship. It involved many activities from performing, singing, poetry, face painting, different types of food that many people from the community contributed towards.

We had special vistors that taught us many pirate songs which we enjoyed. Amazing people also came to the launch such as boat builder Steve Pool, Julie Macdonald, Neil Macdonald, Andy and Sarah Male and Jonathan Turner. Pete, a member of adventure playground, also helped to build the ship.

We thank all the people who contributed to help towards the pirate ship. We also had awards given to people who supported us, not only with the pirate ship, but who generally help us all the time. I can’t forget the young helpers who helped on that day such as Fatima Abdulla and Alex Giblin.

Alan meeting the Duke of York
Alan Hancock collects the Playground’s Duke of York Community Initiative Award from HRH Prince Andrew. Photo by John Sherbourne.

As well as the pirate ship, the playground also unveiled a climbing boulder. Two days later, new Lord Mayor Magid Magid visited and planted a ‘tree of hope and inspiration’ in an area built by volunteers from the Prince’s Trust. The volunteers, including local young people, also painted the castle and other parts of the site and built a barbecue area. Finally, a new mural by Patrick Amber was revealed.

The playground is also celebrating a recent £195,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund, which will cover costs for the next three years and was the proud recipient of the Duke of York Community Initiative Award in April.

Pirate Life

Pirates are dirty
Pirates are scary
Pirates are mean
Their teeth are green.

The ship is big
The ship is scary
The ship is mean
The pirates are hairy.

The parrot can walk
The parrot can fly
The parrot can talk
It likes to squawk.

The treasure is gold
The treasure shines
The treasure is cold
The treasure’s mine.

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