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Burngreave Cemetery is unique in having a designated cemetery warden who is responsible for locking and unlocking the gates, and reporting issues back to Bereavement Services. This post was created 25 years ago, as a result of gross misuse of the cemetery by antisocial elements including drug addicts and joy riders who then burned the cars causing almost nightly visits by the emergency services.The situation was truly dire, but since then, things have really settled down. Apart from the warden, there is a most proactive friends group, and a long-standing group of very responsible dog walkers, some of whom regularly inform the warden of relevant issues they may encounter within the cemetery.

As cemetery warden over the last 25 years, I am aware of the local by-law stating that dogs must be kept under control while in the cemetery, but believe me, without the dog walkers, Burngreave Cemetery would be far less safe than at present.

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