Cleaning up in Page Hall

Story by Deborah Blencowe
Sheffield Litter Pickers – an open public Facebook group – was set up in October 2015 by a small group of Sheffield residents who regularly and voluntarily organised litter picks in their neighbourhoods. There are currently 622 members and around 40 groups in Sheffield who work tirelessly come rain or shine.

The group are hosting a Big Litter Pick in Firth Park and Page Hall on Saturday 23 June, and are inviting everyone who would like to join in to meet up and help spread the message that litter is not acceptable.

Pickers, bags and hi vis jackets are provided, courtesy of council contractor Amey, so that people who don’t already have them will be equipped to go out and continue picking in their neighbourhoods after the event. Amey’s involvement has proved controversial with some, who see it as a way of them avoiding their responsibilities to remove the litter themselves.

The group also hope council representatives will be there to speak about the high cost that litter and rubbish has on our lives – the social, environmental and economic impact of litter and fly tipping should not be underestimated.

The litter pickers will meet at the Clock Tower in Firth Park (Firth Park Road S5 6WS) at 1pm on Saturday 23 June 2018.

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