Early birds catch the early birds

Over twenty people listen to birds on Parkwood Springs

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Hayden Senior

Early birdsOn 5th May, for the fifth year running a group of over twenty people set off at 5.00am to listen to the birds on Parkwood Springs. It was a beautiful morning and the birds were obviously used to tuning up for an early start. Peter Bull of the Friends of Parkwood Springs welcomed us on to the walk which walk was led by John Robinson of the RSPB.

John has an amazing ability to identify even quite distant birds by the rhythms, tunes and cadences of their song and then, often wittily translating that song into “English”. Usually we were able to see the birds too and sometimes John was able to focus on them with a powerful spotterscope which enabled us all to see beautiful birds, many of which had recently arrived from Africa, in the clear morning light.

John said: “Parkwood Springs is beautiful: a very special place”

We saw 28 different species of birds including two new sightings (Canada goose and garden warbler) for Parkwood Springs.

For more nature walks and other events on Parkwood Springs, look at the Friends of Parkwood Springs website.

For more information about all events at Parkwood Springs, visit www.parkwood-springs.btck.co.uk/Events

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