Help Please


I am contacting you out of complete frustration, I have a child who has ASD and was supposed to have received his school place in April, like all other 5 year olds starting school in September 2018. My child has not.

I feel it is not fair. He needs a specialist provision and the council have not even gone to panel yet to decide if he can receive his first choice place. My issue here is that if he doesn’t receive his place before the summer term ends, when am I supposed to do his transition? How am I expected to apply for transport?

I have contacted the council countless times and they have just put me through to different numbers every time. I am fed up with being fobbed off why is it that your neurotypical children are entitled to a school place and your children with disabilities are not. This issue has really affected my health, I have anxiety and stress and feel it is getting worse as I am concerned about the future of my child.

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate if you could help in any way.

Name and address supplied

[Editor’s note: This letter has been forwarded to the relevant council department]

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