The collectors: Kim

Slide close up

Kim and her slidesInterview by Andrew Hodgson | Photos by Laura Farah

What do you collect Kim?

Several things. One of my main collection is of 35mm slides, the sort that you look at through projectors.

When and how did you start to collect them?

Some years ago, I worked for the School of Art and Design at Sheffield Hallam University on Psalter Lane. While they were moving sites, the lecturers threw out the huge slide collection they had, as it was seen to have become obsolete. I retrieved them from a skip.

How many of them do you have?

I have around three thousand slides in all

What kinds of things do they show?

Everything from paintings and sculptures to architecture and all sorts of designs like machines, ceramics and fashion. I also have “snapshot” type slides from numerous places and eras.

What do you most like about your slides?

I’m a big fan of projection and overlaying of image and colour, slides are perfect for this. Many of the slides are old and have aged, altering the colours, I like this!

Do you do anything creative with the slides you collect?

Yes, whenever I can! As mentioned I overlay images (using several projectors) to create new art on unusual surfaces, I have made lamps and light boxes, currently I’m working on a stained glass effect door and visuals for a music event.

And what else do you collect apart from slides?

I also collect discarded shopping lists, found objects, “porcelain beauties” and certain types of artificial flowers, but they are all different stories!

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