Brownies sleeping with the sharks

St Catherine's Brownies Line up Outside Skegness Aquarium
St Catherine's Brownies Line up Outside Skegness Aquarium

Story by Gillian Andrews | Photo by Ally Revill

On a sunny Saturday morning the 186th St Catherine’s brownies joined forces with the 39th Wisewood Brownies to have an adventure in Skegness.

We first visited the Lincolnshire wildlife park and spent a lovely time learning about the animals and feeding the parrots loads of peanuts. The girls absolutely loved the tigers and we had to promise them ice cream to get them to leave their enclosures. We went into Ingoldmells and spent some time on the beach with a gorgeous ice cream.

Our destination for the evening was the aquarium in Skegness where we had our private tour before a lovely dinner. We slept in front of the big shark tank. “I loved sleeping next to Nudge the leopard shark” said Madison.

On Sunday we spent a couple of hours in a play area before boarding our coach for a very quiet ride home. Most of the girls were asleep.

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