Celebrating Active Burngreave

Well over 200 people came together on July 14th to help congratulate the achievements of the groups supported by Active Burngreave.

Active Burngreave is a partnership between Comic Relief and Sports England that encourages people to take part in weekly physical activity. Following a four month long community consultation last year, they identified several key goals to help improve residents’ health and wellbeing. These included reducing isolation, increasing young peoples’ aspirations and increasing community ‘ownership’ of local parks to keep them safe clean and useable, as well as people’s understanding of and participation in regular, sustainable, physical activity.

Special thanks and praise went to Imran Ali for his work with Saalik and Ellesmere Youth Project, Usha Blackham from Aspiring Communities Together, Micheal Robinson, Chair of Reach Up, and mentors James and Izzy, Ibado Abdi and Sacda Aynan of Mothers of Burngreave, Susi Miller of the Maan Somali Mental Health Project, as well as Saeed Brasab from Unity Gym and Hamed Ibrahim for his work with Attawoon FC.

Dances at the event

Organiser Safiya Saeed said:

“I’m very proud of everything we have achieved. It shows that if you invest in your community, you will reap the rewards.”

Groups hung out, playing basketball and other games, while there was food, singing and dancing courtesy of Romano Jilo to help entertain the crowds.

“It’s great to see such an amazing project in action.” said one attendee.

Active Burngreave are keen to support more groups promoting local activities and action. They have already supported groups such as Sisterhood, Mothers of Burngreave, SAGE allotments, and activities like yoga, walking and dancing. “We only fund local groups” said Kathryn, “whatever works to get people a bit more active.”

If you have an idea, a plan, a project, get in touch with them and the team will help you write up funding bids, find venues and put it on. Get involved! Contact Kathryn.Mudge@yorkshiresport.org