Health, healing and hope

Health, heal and hope

Story and photo by E. Lee

The Burngreave Seventh-day Adventist Church Health Department organised a week of ‘Health, healing and hope’ between 9th -15th July. This coincided with the NHS’ 70th Anniversary, and there was plenty of conversation around preserving the National Health Service by implementing preventative processes.

The speaker was Jackie Brown, a certified nutritionist and medical missionary. Jackie engaged well with the audience and clearly has a passion for eating healthily and preventing disease by using God’s methods. She has excellent nutritional knowledge and explored various topics such as the four stages of disease; improving immunity; diabetes and high blood pressure; natural remedies and the acidalkaline continuum, as well as other topics.

Throughout the week, Jackie shared recipes for drinks which can help prevent or manage your symptoms of disease. Such delights were a string bean and aubergine drink for diabetes and high blood pressure, a natural penicillin drink, and a drink for cleansing the body.

Jackie advocates using natural remedies and following a plant based diet to help prevent disease. She also stressed the importance of seeing your GP or a medical professional as an essential part of your care and treatment.

On the Sunday there was a healthy buzz in the air, as Jackie and her family shared, with an even larger crowd, how to cook healthy meals. These ranged from a granola breakfast, kale salad, lentil cottage pie, and cacao truffles to name a few. She had so much more to share, but the time restraints curtailed her plans.

Jackie Brown is intending to build a health training school. If you would like to help her with this venture, or find out more, please contact: Jackie Brown:


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