Housing plight of the vulnerable – a response

A small kitchen space and one cooker which has to be shared by up to 20 people.

Dear Messenger...

Dear Messenger,

I would like to thank John Grayson and Violet Dickinson for their article “Housing plight of the vulnerable” (Messenger 134) which brings out the actual situation and environment of B&B’s.

We ourselves are the victims of the situation, after spending more than a year in that environment. It led to depression, anxiety and our child suffering from trauma and developmental delay. A B&B is not an ideal home for a family or kids.

We witnessed attempted suicide, drug use, mental health problems, fighting, screaming, shared bathrooms for males, females and kids, police vans every day, ambulances and more. It has always been difficult for us to erase those scenes from our mind and are compelled to see the psychologist and the child is under treatment from the doctors and specialists.

I hope the authorised department will take immediate action to save those vulnerable families and kids from that horrific situation.

Asylum Seeker,
Name and Address Supplied

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