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It’s funny

As read by community development worker Safiya Saeed, at the recent Active Burngreave Celebration.

It’s funny
It’s funny how I stopped covering my grey hair to hide my age
It’s funny how I understand now to keep fit for myself not because I have people to please
Or try fit in those jeans
It’s funny how I take so much pressure yet I smile when I see a cat chasing a leaf
It’s funny how friendships are born without any plans but broken with plans
It’s funny how communities are bonded in death but don’t celebrate each other peacefully
It’s funny how you are defined by age, sex, colour, religion and accent yet we all get hugged by the same grave tightly
I am a mother
An angry mother
A scared mother
A vulnerable mother
For my children no other
Today there are four direction of hope
To our left is the past
A lesson
To our right the community
Our Soldiers
Behind us is legacy we shall leave
But the future is up to us
Active Burngreave

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