Kirton Road pavement artists

Pavement art in chalk

Story and photos by Gareth Coleman

Junior Prize Winner AnumSenior Prize Winner Vladimir

On 1st July, local residents on Kirton Road organised a street party for their neighbours. Having spoken with the council and local police team, everything was very peaceful and calm on the day.

We organised a pavement chalk art competition and over 20 children created some wonderful pictures – it was a shame we couldn’t give them all prizes! But in the end the judges awarded the junior prize to Anum from Kirton Road and the senior prize to Vladamir from Cawston Road. Well done everyone!

Also popular were the egg and spoon races and the games of “duck duck goose” – in fact the grown-ups got tired of playing before the kids did! Luckily the local police officers turned up, played football and let the kids try on their jackets, complete with equipment, radios and everything – a long queue quickly formed!

Various neighbours arrived throughout the afternoon bringing delicious homemade cakes, salads, samosas, chocolates and sweets to share. Much chat was exchanged and friendships were made and renewed, and there were many requests to hold another event soon!

Thanks to Simon from Kirton Road who started the ball rolling, and everyone who took part. We all left with a warm feeling of how lucky we are to live in Pitsmoor.

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