Messenger Youth Survey

Member of the Ellesmere Youth Project

Story and Photo by Richard Belbin

What do young people want nowadays? Where do they find their news from? What facilities do they want in the local area?

As part of our mission to improve the Messenger, we recently started working with the Ellesemere Youth Project (EYP) to explore ways we could improve our content for young people. Safwan, Hatib, Danny, Mufassar, and Saif, from the project, kindly met with us and told us a little about their involvement, and what they hoped to achieve.

Few young people read newspapers these days, not even free ones, so where did they get their news from?

“We find out what is happening locally from our friends. I read the Star sometimes too” Hatib told me, with Mufassar adding “I only really pay attention to the news when it’s about terrorism or something, because Muslims are always blamed”

But not reading newspapers doesn’t mean you don’t care about the world.

“We come along here [EYP] to stop youth getting in with the wrong crowd” said Mufassar, “and we know the problems young people face.”

The team will be looking at how young people, 13-25, use the Messenger, whether they read it and what they would like to see in it to make it more interesting. They are also carrying out a survey into activities, groups and facilities for young people in the area, asking about current usage and their desires for new services and amenities. We look forward to presenting their findings in an upcoming Messenger.