Night of the Moon

Night of the Moon

Story and photo by Deborah Blencowe

Chaand Raat is an event where women prepare themselves for the Eid celebrations after the month of Ramadan, similar to Christmas Eve.

The event, held at Firvale Healthy Living Centre on 13th June, was organised to bring women from all community backgrounds together to enjoy being pampered and meet other people. This was exactly what happened. There was a very busy flow of people from 2.30pm all the way until 8.00pm, and the atmosphere was fantastic as people enjoyed all that was on offer.

The event was also an opportunity to develop the commercial skills of local women who have developed micro-businesses in areas such as henna painting, hair and beauty, facials, nail manicures, ethnic jewelry, bakhoor scent stalls and middle eastern patisserie. Their stalls were all very busy and the event helped to promote their business.

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