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Dear Messenger...

Dear Messenger,

I went to our son’s sports day recently, at Whiteways school. I know it was only Year 4’s sports day but that’s a lot of children. I was horrified and felt so badly for the children. After all its their day to attempt to shine as athletes, to make their parents proud, and there were only fourteen parents, including me and my husband.

I have always known sports days as a special time for our children, not to be missed. A time where parents booked this time off work in advance because it was important to them as parents to cheer their children on. We used to be able to run the parents race, as a way of doing something just for our children to make them proud. Whether we came first last or fell flat on our face, it didn’t matter to us because it meant a lot to the kids.

Unfortunately, parent’s races are no longer allowed at sports days and haven’t been for a few years now, due to health and safety, mores the pity. Grandparents also got to go to show their support to their children and their pride in their grandchildren.

It’s only one hour that means a lot to our children. These are memories missed that you won’t get back, so please for your children and yourselves, make the time. When you’re older and you look back on it you won’t wish you could have spent an extra hour at work or doing the house work, you will be pleased you had the opportunity to cheer on your precious children.

Also the schools could (and used to) put on refreshments for spectators, raising extra funds for the schools, which also came in handy.

Julia Woolen

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