Sharing Iftar

Story by Zaheer Uddin

The Real Junk Food Project is a project that collects food from local supermarkets that is no longer needed. It has a sharehouse market on Carlisle Street (open Monday to Saturday, 1-3pm) where people can get a bag of fresh food at low cost, and also runs a ‘pay as you feel’ café in the Manor.

The team wanted to work more in the community and thought the best time for this was in the month of Ramadan, working with Masjid Al Rahman. Masjid Al Rahman is a multicultural mosque on Ellesmere Road, where around 350 people a year do iftar.

Sharehouse provided Masjid with fruits, cakes, drinks and plenty of water for people to drink. Masjid Al Rahman themselves provide 2500 or more bottles of water during Ramadan, as well as serving food from local people and the mosque itself.

Thank you so much for sharehouse market for supporting Masjid Al Rahman and we hope this can be an ongoing situation in the future.

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