The quiz – lost in Burngreave

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

I’ve got badly lost in Burngreave! Anyway, I’m touching a local historical object. Perhaps you can work out what it is, if I give you a few clues.

This object is a disused piece of equipment dated 1836. It is green and metal about 1.5 metres high. It is the only surviving example in Burngreave and is accessible to the public but rather well tucked away. These things used to be common in our cities and villages.

Well, the names of local streets around it reflect its use. The back wall of a building clearly dated 1887 is only a few feet away. The only road bridge wholly in Burngreave and which crosses a river is a few yards away. Nearby there is sign advertising Bentley’s Rotherham ales and stout, but Bentley’s haven’t brewed any beer since 1956. The nearby colliery closed in 1899.

What is the object and where am I?

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