Bridlington Rock

Bridlingto Rock

Story and photo by Suman Shrestha

On Saturday 18th August, a church day out event was organised by the Rock Christian Centre. Almost 45 people gathered in the church at 9am. There were families, kids, couples from different nations, all with the same aim – fun and enjoyment!

Bridlingto RockEveryone was very excited and enjoyed the journey all the way to Bridlington. The coach stopped there at 11.30am when the fun and activities began. Kids enjoyed playing in the sand, ball games, donkey rides on the beach, swimming and more. The weather was lovely, the harbour, where people can sail across the bay on a traditional pleasure cruiser, a pirate ship or a speedboat, was full of life.

Paul Hunt, Assistant Pastor, was himself busy playing with the kids and organising different fun games. Mr Hunt also highlighted the purpose, aim and message to the community:

“The trip to Bridlington is a great way to get to know the different people in Rock Christian Centre. It is a relaxed and easy way to build relationships while having fun playing games and socializing together. We are people from different nations and backgrounds, a trip to Bridlington is a great way to show that we can all get on, identifying peoples different gifts and helping them to grow in their strengths. Jesus is at the centre of all we do”

What an idea, to be together, the way of spreading love, the way of bringing people together, the way of positiveness in the community.

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