Fun and fitness for Ellesmere

Story by Imran Ali

It’s been a busy summer for the Ellesmere Youth Project who have run a wide ranging set of activities for the young people attending.

One group has been taking part in SFG kettlebell training. SFG is StrongFirst Girya, with ‘Girya’ being the Russian word for kettlebell. Kettlebells may best be described as a cannonball with a handle, and have come to be known more like an all-in-one gym. Whilst, as the name implies, strength is at the forefront of an SFG session, the workout builds both strength and conditioning, creating an all-round workout. Following the training, we have been able to invest in some really high quality equipment so we can continue to develop our skills.

It’s not all been such hard work though. We have also had plenty of fun over the summer, with trips to Laser Quest, the trampoline park in Meadowhall, biking in the Peak District and off to the cinema. Not to mention the training with the Burngreave Messenger, for whom we have completed many surveys.

You can imagine this raised the self-esteem, enthusiasm and confidence amongst the young people and the enthusiasm they are involved with the project. It is all because they are getting the opportunity to be involved with so much positive activities.