Gordon’s abstract adventures

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Story by Fran Belbin | Photo by Rachel Edmondson

The playground hosted a visit from Rachel Edmondson and the team from Gordon Snee Arts recently, an arts foundation that works with young people, giving them the opportunity to explore art and their relationship to it.

Gordon was an artist who grew up in Burnley, Lancashire, before moving to Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. He regularly commuted from there to teach in Manchester, travelling via Sheffield. This was documented in one of his most successful series of pictures, ‘Railway Ovals.’ Much of Gordon’s art had been lost for many years, and was only rediscovered following his death in 2013. His daughter, Jo, set up Gordon Snee Art to champion his work and to encourage others to follow in his love of abstraction.

Jo moved to Pitsmoor in her twenties and taught at Fir Vale School, which Rachel, her daughter, attended. Jo has left secondary education now but still loves working with the community here and so the team plan to do many more projects in the area.

Their team worked with the young people at the Adventure Playground, designing, and painting fabulous abstract shapes. Check out the pattern techniques! The children made shapes and painted them before going to arrange them creatively.

Creating a ‘Director’s megaphone’, they encouraged the kids to direct others to move the shapes into different positions to create a larger picture of their choice. Plans are afoot for a ‘flashmob’ exhibition shortly, but are currently under wraps, so check out our (and their) website for details: https://www.gordonsneeart.co.uk