The quiz – lost in Burngreave again

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

I can’t believe it! I don’t how I’ve managed it, but I seem to have got lost in Burngreave again. Fortunately I’m touching another local landmark, and so let’s hope we can work out what it is.

This steel object is about 3 metres tall and is nearly three years old. It appropriately stands outside a building dated 1846 where some people used to go for their wedding reception after they had ‘tied the knot’. There are a number of places of worship nearby in buildings which used to have a range of different functions. For example, there is a mosque in a former police station, a mosque in a former library, a church in another former library and a church in a former working men’s club. There is a green space which used to be the site of a church too. I can see the building where a world famous writer of detective stories used to work a long time ago. Please work out what this steel object might be so that I can get out of here.

Last issue’s answer: I was at Grimesthorpe village pump 1836, off Upwell Lane.

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