Will new bins solve the problem?

Waiting for collection

Story by Tamikka Reid | Photo by Richard Belbin

It’s time to throw away the old ways and make way for the new. The current litter system is changing with the addition of a third bin for recycling – the brown bin.

How is it changing?

Starting from September, a new brown bin will be issued to all residents across Sheffield. The purpose of the current blue bin is being recycled; the brown bin will be used for glass bottles, jars, cans and plastic bottles. The blue bin will now replace your old box bin and hold your paper and cardboard waste. The black bin will stay the same and be used for general waste.

Why the change?

A common criticism of the current system has shown that the blue box is difficult and sometimes heavy to handle, and unwanted litter spills from the box when it’s too full. The new system will help to solve this issue as the blue bin is a lot bigger than the box bin.

What is the new pick up schedule?

Your black bin pick up will stay the same as it will be emptied every 2 weeks – for most households, the collection day will remain the same too. But, the blue and brown bins will be collected every four weeks, separately.

What to do?New brown bin

The council will give you a leaflet, along with your brown bin, and a calendar that has the key dates on it. Until then, you should continue to use your bins as normal and wait to be notified for when the new scheme commences. When it starts, you will no longer need to use your blue box bin – you can either keep it for storage, or if it has no use, take it to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, located at Longley Avenue West. The recycling centre is open seven days a week, from 10 – 4. Another place to recycle is at the Sheffield United Academy where they have recycling bins.

If you have any large items that you want disposing of, ring the council and they will remove them for you, although there is a charge for this if you are not a Sheffield City Council, Pennine, Acis or Great Places tenant. Please call 0114 273 4567 for more information about the collection services and to arrange a collection.

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