Basil Griffith library reopening

John Kamora at Basil Griffith library.
John Kamora at Basil Griffith library.

Story by Emilio Mussi | Photo by Richard Belbin

The Basil Griffith Library has reopened in SADACCA. Basil Griffith was a teacher and local educator. He took a great interest in educating Afro Caribbean youth, and today the reopening of the library with his name signifies that his legacy still lives on.

John Kamora, a library volunteer said that the library aims to “provide a hub where members of the community can learn from each other, share knowledge, access books, attend workshops and join social groups, all which are intended to bring people together.”

“The library acts as a vessel to preserve our culture. It holds information on the experiences, contributions and journeys of people of African descent. History is usually passed down through generations via word of mouth; however, it can be forgotten, lost or discarded. Through books, films and historians, people can be reconnected and have a better understanding of historical achievements, resistances and political climates.” The library is open to people of all ages and cultures, but the majority of content featured revolves around Black British authors and authors of the Diaspora, but the library also has a large selection of comics and children’s books.

The Library is open from 11:30am to 1:30pm and 3-6pm on Thursdays, but with more volunteers there may be an opportunity to expand the hours.

The Library is currently looking for motivated volunteers to contribute to their project. If you would like to get involved, you can contact either: or

Or look forward to updates being posted on SADACCA’s website at

John Kamora at Basil Griffith library.
John Kamora at Basil Griffith library.

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