Black History Month at the library

Black History Month library books

Story by Erica Patterson | Photos by Marcia Layne

Black History Month is a time in the year to focus on the legacy and current day position of people of Black African heritage.

It can be seen as a focused time to celebrate a vast array of themes that reflect Black African heritage. Initially created by Carter G Woodson in 1926, Black History month is evolving in its own unique way in the UK. There is a growing interest in how Black Africans have influenced world civilizations for thousands of years. This includes among many things the powerful impact of early Egyptian Kingdoms such as Kemet, the influence of Black Africa on Greek knowledge and the Black African presence in Europe throughout in ancient, medieval, and modern history.

We are looking to reflect the growing interests in Black History and Black literature as we develop the ‘Black Collection’ offered in the library (pictured above).

Are there themes, authors, or subjects that you think could be included? Are there books you could suggest that reflect your background? If so, you can fill in comment slips at the library or you can share suggestions on their Facebook page or Twitter.

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