Boundary changes

Story by Richard Belbin

Following consultations, the final proposals to redraw the boundaries of all 650 parliamentary constituencies have now been published. They remain in line with those original plans. This would entail Burngreave being split across two seats, Sheffield South-East and Sheffield North and Ecclesfield.

With a dividing line running along Pitsmoor Road, Barnsley Road, Owler Lane and Upwell Street, this will place Pitsmoor, Burngreave and Grimesthorpe in the South East, while Fir Vale, Wensley, Shirecliffe and Firshill will be in the North.

The changes still have to be approved by parliament, and it is far from certain that they will do so. If MPs do reject the proposals, the next election will be fought on data based on the 2000 electoral register and will not take into account changes since then.

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