Carry on camping

Guides go camping.
Guides cooking
Cooking at camp

Story and photo by Gillian Andrews

The 186th St Catherine’s guides teamed up with the 39th Wisewood Unit to hold a ‘back to basics’ camp at Hesley Wood.

St Catherine’s Ranger leader, Kirsty Andrews, is undertaking her Forest School exams and she showed the girls how to do first aid in the outdoors.The camp began with the favourite toasted marshmallows. On the Saturday the girls went to the local supermarket and bought food they could cook on the fire for dinner.  They also did den building and had a competition for the best tent being put up correctly.

The girls enjoyed the camp so much, with one, Marley Winston, saying “can we camp again soon?” Not quite the right weather but we are going camping again in May next year.  This type of experience helps the girls make new friends and builds confidence alongside having so much fun.

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