Community choir makes a difference

Members of Sheffield Community Choir.
Members of Sheffield Community Choir.

Story by Adrian Lake | Photo by Steph Oliver-Beech

On Thursday 11th October I went to the Welcome Centre in Christ Church on Nottingham Street for the taster session about joining Sheffield Community Choir.

Steph Oliver-Beech told me that at least a dozen people attended the session. The choir was set up around five years ago by director Janine Dyer, a professional singer.

Through Janine the choir have access to brilliant musicians including keyboardists, guitarists, bass guitarists and percussionists.

The oldest member of Sheffield Community Choir is in her eighties and the youngest are in their twenties. Jennie, one of the longest serving members, said that she felt “the choir must make a difference to the area” and she is “thrilled” to be involved in it because of the message of the gospel songs:

“It’s like a family and we have a helpful, loving atmosphere. Members from all over Sheffield and even outside of the city have joined. The choir has a huge range in levels of experience. There are about forty members and it continues to grow.

“The songs are all taught by ear, we have no auditions and we don’t use sheet music” said Steph. Members pay a small fee to cover the hire of the hall and to contribute towards musicians’ expenses.

“It is more important to have the right attitude, to be committed, to attend practices regularly and to treat other members with respect and kindness.” The choir perform regularly, both locally and further afield.

Within the last year, they have sung in London, around South Yorkshire and were even invited to perform a special concert for a Church in Skegness. They have several dates coming up in the run up to Christmas – to follow the choir visit or find them on Facebook

Members of Sheffield Community Choir.
Members of Sheffield Community Choir.