Letters: Lost post – £20 reward

Lost post - £20 reward

Some readers will know that Rock Christian Centre saved the little chapel on Handley Street from closure back in 2016 and have transformed it into ‘The Lighthouse.’ This is a drop in centre for the needy, homeless and addicts, where they can have a shower, breakfast, and fresh clothes on a Friday morning. ‘The Lighthouse’ is also the location of the ‘Word 4 Weapons’ gun and knife surrender bin that has been featured in Messenger 135. RCC also use the building as a prayer centre and for other events and activities.

At the end of August 2018, a solicitor sent all the original legal documents of the chapel to the centre’s Spital Hill address. Sadly, the postman delivered this big envelope to an unknown address where, someone called Hussein, signed for the it at 10:02am on Thursday 30th August.

The legal papers have no value to anyone else, and the Land Registry have copies, but it is sad that all the original historical documents have been lost. The lost envelope is probably lying in someone’s house or business. Rock Christian Centre would be happy to give £20 to anyone who delivered the envelope with all the papers in, to our offices 177-195 Spital Hill (behind the bus stop on Spital Hill.)

Jon Watts, Senior Pastor

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