‘More Burngreave’ for Festival of Debate

Story by Emilio Mussi

The annual Festival of Debate is calling for more proposals from Burngreave residents for its event next year. The Festival has been growing year on year. In 2018 it attracted audiences of 12,000 to 82 different events across ten weeks.

Events do not have to follow the ‘classic’ formula of a speaker telling everyone their opinion and then inviting discussion, but can come in various formats. You could hold a panel discussion, with three or four ‘experts’ giving a brief talk, possibly including a Q&A, with questions from the audience to those experts. Film screenings or exhibitions have also been popular formats over the last couple of years.

The Festival has also supported events like ‘speeddebating’ and quizzes – fast paced events to keep the audience engaged – as well as workshops and even meals. Sharing food is a great way of equalising people, so that they open up to each other, allowing the debate to flow.

Topics such as world affairs, Brexit and activism are open for discussion, ensuring the talks are relevant and engaging for all involved, however, more local themes are explored, such as this years ‘Making Local Food Work In Sheffield’.

If you have an idea, please use the form at https://tinyurl.com/FoD2019 and submit it by 19th November.

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