Musical Shiloh Rocks Burngreave

Shiloh Church Choir sing
Sister Denise, the Shiloh Choir director and lead singer, performed with high energy.

Story by Suman Shreshta

Shiloh United Church of Christ has been serving in Sheffield for 52 years. Recently Shiloh organised ‘The Annual Concert 2018’, part of their many activities.

The programme started at 5.30pm on 6th October. The main hall was already transformed to the music theatre. Sister Denise, the Shiloh Choir director and lead singer, performed with high energy in that fantastic spiritual atmosphere. “You deserve my praise O Lord… I am a Christian Warrior” made everyone sing and dance. All national and international guests were enjoyed and involved themselves in that environment.

The presence of national and international bishops made the event more special and memorable. Pastors Devon and Beverly Marrett said:

“It is a great privilege to encourage the hearts of God’s people to pursue earnestly the plan of God for their lives, so that when our brethren look back fifty years before us they too will be able to celebrate what God has done through our lives and also see how our sacrifices today have impacted those around us”.

Congregation member Mr Neville-Curate said:

“This kind of event brings people together, socialising, united and helps to spread love and positivity in the community. The church continues with activities and programmes to help teach, educate, discipline and mentor people so that they will succeed in life and be more responsible.”

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