Parkwood Springs plans for the future

Parkwood Springs map.

Story by Richard Belbin | Map courtesy of Sheffield City Council

The city council have launched a six week consultation regarding plans for the development of the Parkwood Springs site over the next ten years.

Objectives for the area include a high quality open space where people can enjoy well managed areas of wildlife and geological conservation. Hopes are that this will encourage people to walk and cycle through it to access different parts of the city, and that it will become self-financing, using income generated around the site for its long term future.

In the area near Cooks Wood Road there will be improved facilities suitable for hosting a variety of sports and local play activities, easily accessible to the local community, including changing facilities and a café. New homes are planned for Neepsend and around Woodside and Rutland Road, to enable regeneration in the North East Urban Area.

A six-week consultation on the Parkwood Draft Masterplan will run from Tuesday 23rd October to Wednesday 5th December 2018.

Visit place-planning/parkwood-springs/ to complete a short survey.

There will be a consultation event at Sheffield Winter Garden on Monday 12th November from 11.30am to 3.30pm.